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How Real Estate Agents & Brokerages Can Outsmart Zillow

Real estate agents and brokerages always seek ways to outsmart the competition. Zillow is a major player in the real estate market and it can take a lot of work to compete with its resources and presence. However, there are certain strategies that agents and brokerages can use to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the crowd.

First, agents and brokers should focus on creating content that distinguishes them from the competition, such as in-depth market insights or photos/videos of properties they’re selling. Having unique content that speaks directly to potential clients will help you build an audience and increase your visibility. Additionally, leveraging trends on social media can help you reach new audiences, grow your following and gain more attention for your listings.

Second, focus on building relationships with clients rather than solely relying on technology alone. You may have the latest marketing tools at your disposal but nothing beats a personal touch when it comes to making connections with clients. Invest time in getting to know your target customers and finding ways to provide value beyond just buying or selling the property–such as through events that give back to local communities or free consultations on renovation projects.

Finally, don’t forget about SEO! Make sure that you’re optimizing all of your content for search engines by including relevant keywords throughout your website, social media posts, blog entries, etc.. This will allow potential customers to find you more quickly when they’re searching online for tips or advice related to real estate investments.

Overall, competing with Zillow isn’t easy but these strategic tactics can help real estate agents and brokerages stay competitive in today’s market while offering an edge over their rivals. With some hard work and creativity, agents & brokers can make their mark in a crowded landscape!

Resources: https://www.ihomefinder.com/blog/agent-and-broker-resources/how-real-estate-agents-brokerages-can-outsmart-zillow/

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