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Win in Real Estate: Strategies to Beat Zillow

In the ever-evolving landscape of the real estate industry, standing out from competitors, especially giants like Zillow, is crucial. Zillow has become dominant, offering home value estimates and extensive real estate listings online. However, real estate professionals can outsmart Zillow by focusing on personalized experiences and leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

How to Outsmart Zillow:

1. Provide a Personalized Experience

MyIDXPro allows you to offer a tailored and customized experience that surpasses Zillow’s capabilities. Utilize features such as meaningful consultations, automated daily alert emails, and follow-up campaigns to engage leads effectively. The use of AI technology ensures relevant listing recommendations based on individual interests and search history.

2. Keep Leads Returning to Your Site

   Instead of losing leads to competitors, MyIDXPro ensures that new leads from various sources, including Zillow ads, automatically enter your account. Implement follow-up campaigns to maintain engagement and bring leads back to your website.

3. Get Hyper-Local

   Zillow may have technology tools but cannot compete with a well-planned agent or brokerage site focused on specific neighborhoods and lifestyles. Populate your site with hyper-local content, including market stats, listing galleries, and virtual tours for specific neighborhoods, property types, and price ranges. Learn tricks for building neighborhood pages that set your site apart from the competition in our article “Custom Neighborhood Pages Made Easy.”

Start Competing Today

To stand out from the competition, especially against big players like Zillow, leverage the technology solutions offered by MyIDXPro. Connect with home buyers personally and provide experiences they won’t find on Zillow. Explore the resources below to learn how you can get started today!

Ready to outsmart Zillow and elevate your real estate game?

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